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Vision for MENA 

Our vision is to make the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) the most environmentally friendly and sustainable region. We are convinced of the regions ambitious goals and eager to support the governments, investors and industries of the region and provide the best renewable energy solutions for their projects.

Renewable energies such as solar energy or hydrogen are increasingly taking on a central role in global energy markets. Countries from the Middle East and North Africa have excellent conditions for the development and research of renewable energies. Renewable energy such as solar, wind and water are sustainable sources of energy production, and their use protects the environment and people. Their implementation has positive effects on economic development and in creating new jobs (manufacturing, installation and equipment). A key advantage of renewable energies is their decentralized energy production which contributes positively to the energy supply and security of countries.

Image by Wael Hneini

Our Team


Andreas Sajgaschew

Managing Partner & CEO

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Rainer Ruschke 

Managing Partner

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